One of Rodeo's Most Entertaining Entertaining Rodeo Clown's & Entertainer's
One of Rodeo's Most Entertaining Entertaining Rodeo Clown's & Entertainer's 

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Rodeo is America’s greatest sport. It is the only sport that has a true history originating from America. But did you know that it is also becoming one of the fastest growing sports. It is one of a few forms of entertainment that people of all ages can enjoy.  We are dedicated to providing family entertainment and in return we have established a very dedicated fan base. 

From the beginning of the show until the last bull is bucked, Cowpaty has more face time with the audience than anybody else at the rodeo. He is often talked about more throughout the year by the fans than any other performer.  But he also serves a more serious role than just the entertainer; he is the spokesman for the rodeo and rodeo committee.  Whether its television appearances, radio interviews or newspaper article, he is ready to provide the P.R. needed to sell tickets and publicize the event. Throughout his travels, promotional events and performances he is seen by millions. The exposure he receives is an endless opportunity for his sponsor’s publicity.

The sponsorship tools available for marketing your product can include but not limited to:

Apparel: You can have your product logo on clothing used before, during, and after rodeo performances. Dress shirts would be optimal for P.R. events that Cowpaty is not dressed as a clown. During the show Cowpaty is responsible for approximately 20 minutes' worth of entertainment having your logo on his baggies, suspenders, and barrel will put your company name and product in front of thousands of people each performance. Additionally, logos may be placed on various items such as caps, jackets and travel bags.

Mobile Advertisement: Cowpaty spends many hours and endless miles traveling to and from rodeos, your logos on his truck and trailer are sure to catch the eyes of all the people in passing. At the rodeo, Cowpaty's truck and trailer are parked as close to the arena as possible, so it can be worked out of during the performances. His props and equipment are stored there throughout the week. Many times, interviews and stories with the media are conducted there also. Therefore, it provides a billboard during the week of each rodeo. 

Promotional Pictures: Before the shows start and after the show is over Cowpaty is always found thanking every one for coming out. He uses his promotional pictures with your logo on them to sign autographs.  These are also used at pre-rodeo publicity events. This is a unique avenue for advertisement because the fans will see the logo long after the rodeo.


Personal Appearances: Autograph signing sessions, in-store promotions and speaking engagements can be very beneficial in order to engage the attention of a specific market.

Print Advertisements: Photos and endorsements of products by professional rodeo personnel can be advertised in a wide variety of print media such as billboards, magazines, newspapers, trade publications in addition to Internet ads and posters.

Broadcast Media: Radio and television advertising can be used to promote the cowboys, the sponsor’s products and the sport of rodeo to large area of viewers. Many times Cowpaty is asked to help promote rodeos through interviews on radio and television. There are many opportunities for Cowpaty to be available for these appearances.




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