Cowpaty Pro Rodeo Clown
Cowpaty Pro Rodeo Clown

Cowpaty - Pro Rodeo Clown & Entertainer

Garrett Wilson aka Cowpaty is a entertainer commonly known as a rodeo clown. Cowpaty began his rodeo clown career in 2010 at 11 years of age at a small, local rodeo in his hometown of Burnsville, NC and since has moved on working more bigger professional rodeos with the SRA and IPRA as well as numerous other sanctioned and open rodeos throughout the Southeast and Northeast entertaining audiences with an old school style of comedy involving a lot of slapstick, quick wits, and crowd interaction. Cowpaty also enterains audiences with his high energy, family friendly comedy acts that appeal to any audience whether they're six or eighty-six. You can find Cowpaty in the arena, along the fence during rodeos entertaining crowds or up in the stands involing audiences in his jokes and always available during an unexpected delay in the show entertaining the crowds.



If interested in booking Cowpaty, as your rodeo entertainer/funnyman, any event in need of quality family entertainment, or for a speaker to share his story of how he turned tragedy into triumph from his 4-wheeler wreck to accomplishing his childhood dream of a rodeo clown with the audience at an event he would be more than glad to talk to you about it; please click on the contact link for contact info in scheduling him for your event. 


Cowpaty can also perform at other events that includes but not limited to:


  • Bible Schools

  • Fund raisers

  • Balls

  • Plays

  • Grand Openings

  • Award Banquets 

  • Conventions

  • School Programs
  • Fairs
  • Expos











The Clown’s Prayer


As I stumble through this life,
help me to create more laughter than tears,
dispense more cheer than gloom,
spread more cheer than despair.




Never let me become so indifferent,
that I will fail to see the wonders in the eyes of a child,
or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.




Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer people,
make them happy, and forget momentarily,
all the unpleasantness in their lives.




And in my final moment,
may I hear You whisper:
“When you made My people smile,
you made Me smile.”








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