One of Rodeo's Most Entertaining Entertaining Rodeo Clown's & Entertainer's
One of Rodeo's Most Entertaining Entertaining Rodeo Clown's & Entertainer's 

Cowpaty has a large selection of high quality acts. He believes  that a clown should have more than just a silly costume or some dance moves. For this very reason, he is continually adding new exiting acts that are filled with good, clean, crisp, comedy, are just plain fun

  • ​Cowpaty Davidson Lawn Cycle
  • Chicken on the Moon
  • Gas Leak Patrol
  • Chicken Inflator
  • Bowler's Nightmare
  • The Great CowpatyDunIt Magic Show

North Carolina Redneck Rocket

The Word's Ugliest Kid

Bug in my Hat

Redneck Olympics

World's Strongest Rodeo Clown

Cowpaty's Barrel Race 

Musical Chairs 

                                                        ...AND MUCH MORE!!!

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